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Me and Myself...

Me and Myself (or Who is "I")

Me is nice,
myself is bad,
Me does always smile,
but myself is very sad,
Me likes to help,
Myelf is egoistic,
who is this?
Me is rebel,
Myelf follows the rules,
where is the middle,
am I such a fool?
Me has a goal,
myself has another,
me misses my dad,
myself loves just my mother.
Me fights myself,
myself fights me,
I am standing between the lines,
as you can see...

Me is perfect,
myself always wrong,
Me is the future,
myself is the past,
Myself is the first,
Me is the last,
Myself has got friends
Me feels lonely,
anybody thinks I am one person only...
But I am split into two,
well, really three,
And it is not known,
who is I really?
Me wants to break out,
myself wants to stay...
who tells me the right way.
Me wants to be told,
how to do everything,
Myself does everything alone,
takes help for nothing.

Me is depressive,
myself optimistic,
where is the right track,
where, where is it?

Me is a mother,
myself still a child,
me is calm,
myself is wild.

Me worries,
Myself does not care,
Who is I
and where?

Me hears music.
myself just reads,
these are both things I needs.

Me wants to cry,
but does smile,
Myself sits in her room,
and prays for a while.

Me believes in god,
Myself just in devil,
I believe in nothing,
but want to find the right level.

My life is not nice,
I know I must pay
the price
like everyone else,
Well, "I" must pay,
but who am I,
me is looking for
and also myself wants to find,
thats the one and oly union,
isn't that sad,
my life is so crazy,
I get mad.

Me wants to die,
while myself wants to live,
me has a line,
myself just waves.
me wants a house,
myself just needs a cave.

Isnt there anyrthing between,
I am looking for the real ME.
I want to say me,
but mean Myself at I
all these things at the same time.

The right way?
I am trying to find!

20.10.05 21:30

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